COVID Measures

COVID-19 Preventative Measures Overview

**Updated 12.04.2021**

At Homefair Blinds & Shutters we believe our customers and staff are our highest priority alongside our quality products and service. To provide the best protection for our customers and staff during this Covid-19 period we will ensure that:


Sales & Installations

  • **Important** Face Coverings - Our staff will wear a face covering for their visit and we ask that customers do the same unless a valid exemption applies.
  • Our in-home/business appointments for survey, product selection and product installations will be supported by our employees abiding by the Physical & Social Distancing requirements;
  • Our employees will arrive at your home fully prepared with PPE and hand cleansing materials;
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Please Note: Due to the increased level of alert, our staff reserve the right to leave any property at which they feel covid protocols are not being observed.

What our customers can do to help:

  • Respect the Physical & Social Distancing requirements when engaging with our employees either in our showrooms or in your home;
  • Inform us at the earliest opportunity if someone in your household is unwell for any reason, or is self isolating and/or shielding;
  • Make payments by card rather than cash;
  • Clean or sanitise your hands before handling sample books or property;
  • Internal Doors - Our staff are required to touch as few surfaces as possible during their visit. Please ensure that all internal doors to areas that require access are left open so that our staff don't need to touch the door handles. This provides both customers and staff added reassurance.
  • Window Areas - Please ensure that measuring and installation areas are free from obstacles such as furniture or other items. Moving furniture is outside their remit and creates more contact with the household.
  • Blind Removal - Please have all old blinds removed from the recess prior to our installers visit. Health & Safety dictates that contact with surfaces within a household is kept to a minimum.



  • All customers who wish to enter any of our showrooms must wear a suitable face mask covering unless a valid exemption applies.
  • Our showrooms can support the Physical & Social Distancing requirements to ensure your experience is as comfortable and reassuring as possible;
  • Our showroom associates are supported with adequate PPE and hygiene facilities;
  • We will have hand sanitizer available in our showrooms for customers to use;
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  • Social Distancing - We have rearranged our working environment so that our staff are able to maintain a 2 metre distance from each other during their working day.
  • Wash/Sanitise Hands - Our staff regularly sanitise and wash their hands throughout the day to ensure the working environment remains hygienic and safe
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