Booking A Measure & Making An Order

Booking A Measure & Making An Order

We pride ourselves on providing an accurate measuring service. To help us provide this, please note the following requirements before booking an appointment for a measure.

1. All replacement windows to be fitted prior to measuring

2. All window sills to be fixed and in place

3. Any new carpets to be fitted in doorways prior to measure if blinds are required in this area

4. Tiling to be complete

5. No wet paint in measuring area on day of measure

6. Plastering to be complete and dry before measuring visit.

7. No bare brickwork in area to be measured

8. Ensuring that the above criteria is met means that our estimator is able to take accurate sizes.

It may be worth noting that our estimator will not be able to measure for any blinds where there is any unfinished work still to be done to the measuring area.        

Unoccupied/ New-build Properties

It is always preferable if you can be present at a measuring appointment as there are potentially many things which we would want to point out to you or ask your preference upon. These include fabric restrictions, gaps on bay windows, fitting position, suitability of blinds and controls position.

If you are unable to be present at your measuring appointment our estimator will require clear indication of which windows are to be measured and for which blind type. This is due to the fact that different sizes are taken for different blind types, and different allowances need to be made, particularly in the case of bay windows.

In the case of roman or roller blinds we will also need to know whether the blinds are to be measured to fit inside the recess or outside the recess. If the blinds are to be fitted outside the recess, then we will need to know how far past the recess you would like the blind to travel (we recommend 100mm past each side of the recess).

If the blinds are going to mean excessive gaps at your bay window then we may require a further visit to show you in person what the coverage will be like before you place the order.

Placing An Order

Once you are happy with your choice of blind type and fabric selection we will require a minimum deposit of 35% of the order value. This can be paid to the estimator at the point of measure or, if you prefer, at a later date in one of our showrooms. A fitting date can only be booked once a deposit has been paid.

Please take care to check your Order Form carefully at the point of order as this blind is going to be made specifically for you and to your specifications – once work has started on your blind it is unlikely that anything can be changed.