How to Order Replacement Vertical Blind Louvres

How to Order Replacement Vertical Blind Louvres

Visit one of our stores to choose your width of slat and select your fabric from the many available samples on display.

Slat widths are available as either 89mm (3.5”) or 127mm (5”) – please note that not all fabrics are available in both widths (check the reverse of the label)

Your Own Sizes

You can provide your own sizes in either metric or imperial but the sizes must have been taken in one of two ways.

Method 1 – “Tip to Tip”

Firstly, you can measure the “Tip to Tip” size, which is the top edge of the fabric down to the bottom edge of the fabric. Remember to pull the fabric tight when taking your measurement, as any creases may lead to the measurement being a little short.

Method 2 – “In Recess”

Alternatively, measure from the top of the recess or measured area to the bottom of the measured area, usually the window sill. This measurement should be taken in three places: the left, middle and right hand side of the area. Always take the shortest measurement in the knowledge that standard allowances will allow the fabric to sit 10-15mm from the bottom of the measured area.


DO NOT make any deductions, as our systems will automatically make industry standard deductions on your behalf! 

You will also need to provide the number of louvre strips required for each measurement.

Showroom Measuring Service

Simply bring one of your louvres from each window with the number of louvres required pinned to each piece of fabric (so as to not get them mixed up).

Our staff will then measure the louvres with you in-store and ask you to agree the measurement. Once this is done they will complete the paperwork and you will be required to pay a minimum deposit of 35% of the order value.

Your louvre order will usually be ready for collection at the store approximately one week later.

*Please note that due to manufacturing and fabric variables there may be up to plus or minus 3mm difference from the ordered size (industry standard)